Slow Life Quick Death

by Snuff

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Released by Dina Dog Records 2014


released June 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Snuff Los Angeles, California

Southland grindcore

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Track Name: Nothing Powerful Nothing Violent
Nothing powerful nothing violent
Goofy ass motherfuckers acting stupid to look cool
Too cool to be punk too bitch to be grindcore
Posers with tight short shorts
Lame fucks kill yourselves
Posers get a gun and kill yourselves
Track Name: Your Life is a Lie
You wake up with a major headache can't walk
You feel dazed and confused
You don't know where you're at
Your whole life is a lie you can't recognize anything
Your whole life is a lie doctor says you'll be ok
Fucking bullshit,starts laughing and walks away
Fucking bullshit you can trust no one you can rely on no one
You thought you were someone but you're really no one
Your life is a lie that's all thats all your life is, a lie, all lies
All lies nothing's going to be alright
Bullshit, bullshit just wait your turn to die cuz this world is fucking shit
Track Name: Lethal Response
Riot in the streets
Cops killed all my friends
Blood soaked concrete
Control seized
When things get hard put the clip in
When things get hard start shooting
Bomb the fucking city hall
Track Name: Crawling Through Life
Bent forward head down
Submissive position crawling backward
Life spent staring at the ground
Kill yourself you motherfucker
Track Name: Crime Syndicate
Total disorder
Crime rising
You can't stop it
Gangs and corruption narco violence
It's all there is around you
Once you're in it's for life
Are you with us?
Everyone somehow involved
With us or you're dead
Track Name: Shit Scene
I can't believe
This turned to a shit scene
Fuck off with your shit
And don't count on me
It's fucking obscene this shit of a scene
I see much envy and jealousy
This local scene makes no sense to me
Be independent don't be a groupie
What are you really fighting for
Fuck your scene
Group of followers, ass kissers, hypocrites
Track Name: The Solution
This is it
What you wanted
Problem solved
We solved the problem
Track Name: Interrogation Room
Interrogation room
We will ask you will answer
Track Name: No Answer
Cyber action cyber fighting cyber liberal
Cyber revolutionary have you been in riots?
Have you been in the streets?
Protesting with real people to stand up for what you believe?
Cut and paste activist you don't understand your own post
All day on the web what are you fighting against?
You really think you could win?
You really think you could make a change?
Why are you stuttering? No answer?
Track Name: Cocaine Dreams
8-ball dreams
Snorted up
White lines led you to a dead end
On the blvd
Wondering what the fuck went wrong
You're a fucking dreamer
Asleep forever
Track Name: Slow Life//Quick Death
Life in the slow lane
Didn't get you shit
Wondering what could have been
Untimely decisions locked you in
Rat race dropout
Layed down for the count
Track Name: Barrio LAPD
Control is the bottom line
Do what you're told and everything is cool
Open your mouth you'll get taxed
Flying our colors bow down to the blue
LAPD XIII put the green light on you
Where you from? You seem nervous, something to hide?
A common thief on your knees sell your soul to G police
Track Name: Extermination Division
Final blow
Incendiary vertigo
Empty cartridge and another body in the incinerator
Narcoma narcosis narcoterrorism
Asleep in the trenches
All you hear are sounds from the other side
Track Name: De Las Calles
Los calles nos enseno tener miedo nada
Peferimos ca oscuridad drogas, sexo, y violencia
Para nosotros es normal
De las calles somos vagabundos
Grindcore mujeriegos punx borrachos
Drogadictos violentos