Southland Grindcore Assault

by Snuff

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Co-released by Noise Possession and Out for Justice


released November 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Snuff Los Angeles, California

Southland grindcore

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Track Name: Violence Solves Everything
Violent reinforcement to exterminate
Change has to come through force
Back and forth constant retaliation
Throughout our history we've used violence to solve our problems
Why stop now
Complacent and apathetic we get what we deserve
Track Name: Just Another Whore
Just another whore walking the streets
Drug addicted with broken dreams
Scum of society waiting to get fucked
Just another whore
Thought you were going to be something
Thought you were going to go somewhere
Quit dreaming and get back on your knees
Track Name: Forced At Gunpoint
House broken into
The family is forced to lay face down
With firearms pointed at their heads
Forced at gunpoint
How does it feel, a gun in your face?
You're going to do what I tell you when I tell you to do it
Track Name: Bizarre Execution
A strange execution taking place on the screen
We all watch waiting for the death rattle
It gives us satisfaction to watch people die
Because we feel somehow vindicated
Track Name: Getting Rid of the Body
One piece from the body as a souveneir
Cruising the neighborhood for new victims
They dumped the body in a shallow grave
It was a little sloppy but it was their first time
After school, late at night
The second time better than the first
Perfected their method getting rid of the body
Track Name: Forbidden Taboo
You know the cliche forbidden fruit is sweetest
We never believed it until we tried it
And we were hooked from the beginning
All the walls start breaking down
Nothing becomes forbidden without inhibitions
You crave more, a stronger dose
Track Name: Snuff Reels
Found an unmarked tape
Went to the room and put it on
In the video a girl raped and strangled
Told his grandfather
He slapped him across the mouth
Told him to give him the tape
They never talked about it again
Track Name: Confusion and Misery
Held captive in a basement
Whole world shattered
Nothing but a pawn to a mentally ill sadist
Confusion and misery will be the only thing she knows
For the next few years a nightmare come to life
Confusion and misery
Track Name: Tragic Stories
No money broken life chipped away
Paranoid looking over my shoulder
Fucked for life screwed again
Nothing to look forward to
Pretend it's ok rotting away in a prison without walls
Track Name: Fuck Your Life
Here you come again bitching about your life
You can't maintain your family
You say you won't survive
You can't do this, you can't do that
You can't pay this, you can't pay that
Nobody cares if you live or die
No one gives a fuck about your life
The problems that you have
Are the ones that you create
No one gives a fuck cuz your life is shit
Fuck your life
Track Name: Forced Entry
Locking your doors isn't going to help
Home invasion robbery
Forced entry
Track Name: Bruce Pardo
In Covina life is hard
Close to Xmas lost my job
Cheating wife disrespectful kids
Had enough about to snap
Buy a Santa costume
Buy a whiskey bottle
Snort some cocaine
Slam a dose load up the gun
Pose as Santa the big present this year
Is that I'm taking my life
But you're all coming with me
Track Name: Bite the Curb
Drug deal gone wrong now I'm on the run
Fucking crackhead tried to steal my shit
Fools that steal from me never get away
Fucking tecato this aint a fuckin game
Fools that steal from me never get away
Your drug addiction comes to an end
Fast painless death
Your last taste is the pavement
Bite the curb
Track Name: Repressed Desire for Cruelty
Itching inside an urge to cause pain
Satisfaction of dominating another
Living creature made to submit
Didn't even think about it, it was automatic
It seemed normal to fuck with you
The sadist next door the other part of me
Has decided not to come back
It's waiting for the right moment
Track Name: Pleasing Sickness
I know it hurts but you live for it
Take another hit snort another line
Stay up for days pawn your shit to get a sack
Tweaked the fuck out you're pathetic
Sucked in burnt out depressed
Busted teeth
These walls are fucking filthy
Where did these blood stains come from?
What the fucks wrong with you?
Track Name: El Pozolero
Al vienen con sus suburbans blindadas
En pecherados con armas de alto poder
Se ve bajar gente muerta
Mujeres violadas y de las contras
Santiago Mesa Lopez
Todo valio verga
Le caya la autoridad
Todos camoflajiados
Puro agente militar
Yo no eh matado a nadie
Solo los desintegre
Yo no soy el unico
Cuantos pozoleros mas abra?
Track Name: Peeping Tom
Looking through your window in the middle of the night
Sometimes you're asleep sometimes you're awake
I just found a knife
That's going to fit perfectly around your throat
Track Name: Closed Casket
You thought you were hard so you got put down
Shot in front of your house
One to the head, two to the chest
Now your family's attending a closed casket funeral
Track Name: Heroin Overdose
Oh shit I can't see
Oh shit I'm Odíng
Oh shit I'm dying
Needle in your arm turning cold and blue
Tore up your veins for that quick high
Track Name: Assault and Battery
Pinche mayate talking all that shit
Crowbar to the face got caught red handed
Standing in front of the judge
Waiting to get convicted for assault and battery
These four walls will be where you live and die
Sentenced to rot away waste existence